Sonzogni is a major producer of marble, granite and natural stone works

Each environment is made to measure, paying great attention to detail and the materials used, including unique antique pieces.

Sonzogni concerns itself with all the stages of restoration: from the original design and search for materials to the final installation.

Our company continues to set the standards for this sector thanks to its ability to combine excellent craftsmanship and a great aptitude for innovation.

Our showroom has many items and possible environments. Recreated scenes and perspectives to inspire refined solutions.

Beautiful atmospheres with unique items and the very finest marble to guide our customers towards their perfect environment: one that combines the charm of history with modern elegance and style.


Sonzogni has always had a passion for antique stone, right from the very start in 1979, when the brothers Marino and Marco set up their company with two goals: to restore antique items and produce new marble and granite works of art.

Stone is a solid, timeless material with a life of its own. Used for permanent structures, it leaves a lasting mark on both the stonemason and the owner.

Sonzogni’s know-how consists in its ability to fit antique pieces into modern settings. The result is a perfect juxtaposition of tradition and modernity, thus giving prestigious environments a definite wow factor.

The Sonzogni brothers share a passion for antiques. This calls for much dedication and in-depth historical studies into former working techniques and the materials used. It is only thanks to this full knowledge of each antique item that they can insert it harmoniously into our modern living spaces.

Continuous exploration of the material, advanced technologies and new materials make it possible to transfer Sonzogni’s experience with antique stone to fine marble and granite and thus the restoration and creation of outstanding design features.

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